A Toast…in Thanks

In the spirit of the holiday, we want to thank everyone who has ever shared a pint with us at Division. While making beer is our passion, making friends is our heart. It has been a humbling experience, to be sure. And for that, we are grateful.  Good beer and good friends to share it with makes the journey worthwhile.  Thank you!

A special thanks goes to the people who make it happen every day. These are the friends who put their time, generosity, and vibrant personalities into making hard work fun. Whether pouring, serving, cleaning, smiling, loading, unloading, moving equipment, mopping, creating beer, sampling, or supporting your spouse’s hobby, here’s to you –  Juli and Sean Cooley,  Jennifer and Brian Dingler, Jonesy, Jon Dodd, Mark Schatzman, Chris Morgan, Laurie and John Purdy, Deborah and Trevor Dyck, Brandon Lotspeich and Nick Culp.


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