Brew Staff


Wade Wadlington – Founder/Brewer

Wade grew up in Arlington.  At 16, he and his family moved to East Texas, where he began working at as a cowhand during high school.  Through hard work and long weekends, he quickly became known for his ability to get ‘r done.   Wade and his wife, Tami, worked in the finance industry while putting themselves through college. During that time, Wade was introduced to home brewing by a Scottish friend. Tasting true craft beer was a life-changing experience.  As they planned their family, Wade and Tami chose Arlington as their home. For over 20 years, Wade has practiced the art of making craft beer for neighbors and friends.  With the creation of Division Brewing, he brings his beer to a wider audience.


Sean Cooley – Founder/Brewer

Sean is a home brewer and ardent home cook. He spent his childhood years in Europe where he developed a passion for traditional methods of cooking, preserving and fermenting foods. Now he enjoys baking sourdough bread, smoking and curing meats, pickling fruits and vegetables, cheese making and brewing sour beers. By learning from and drawing on centuries of tradition, he is most inspired by putting new world spins on old world methods. Sean lives with his wife and two children in Arlington, Texas, where he works as a barista.


Tami Wadlington – Founder/Marketing

Tami was born and raised on a farm in East Texas.  She began college at 17, and married Wade two years later. After graduating from college, she worked in banking, developing marketing materials and planning events for a national bank and trust company. Over the past 12 years, Tami has helped launch two private banks, managing marketing, human resources, and facilities. Tami brings her enthusiasm, marketing, and management skills to the table to help grow the business and spread the craft beer doctrine.


Chris Morgan – Cellarman/Brewer

Chris, a self-proclaimed pioneer, spent his childhood in rural South Texas and in 2002 he moved to Arlington, where he works as an aquatic technician.  Frustrated with the lack of variety in the mainstream beer industry, he turned his sights on craft beer where he developed a passion for variety and quality.  He lives in Arlington with his Fiancee, Jaimi where he spends his free time growing various plants, home brewing, riding motorcycles and finding adventure where he can.


John Purdy – Resident MacGyver

John has lived in Arlington his entire life. He knows most everybody – and if he doesn’t know you, he probably knows someone who does.  John has a passion for cooking and perfecting new recipes.  He especially loves barbecuing and smoking meat.  A purist, he demonstrates his grilling techniques on his dad’s 1968 Kamado (the original “Big Green Egg”).  John’s day job is in the IT world, but he would rather be brewing beer with the guys.  John lives with his wife, Laurie, and a menagerie of cats and dogs.  In fact, he has been known to name his cats after favorite brewers or beers (Fish – after the co-owner of Telluride Brewing in Colorado, and Stella, after Stella Artois).