Brew Staff


Wade Wadlington – Founder/Brewer

Wade grew up in Arlington.  At 16, he and his family moved to East Texas, where he began working at as a cowhand during high school.  Through hard work and long weekends, he quickly became known for his ability to get ‘r done.   Wade and his wife, Tami, worked in the finance industry while putting themselves through college. During that time, Wade was introduced to home brewing by a Scottish friend. Tasting true craft beer was a life-changing experience.  As they planned their family, Wade and Tami chose Arlington as their home. For over 20 years, Wade has practiced the art of making craft beer for neighbors and friends.  With the creation of Division Brewing, he brings his beer to a wider audience.


Sean Cooley – Founder/Brewer

At Division Brewing, Sean is generally known as a funky and sour kind of guy. His favorite days at the brewery are filled with brewing/blending wood-aged beers. However, he prides himself on making a variety of beer styles and exploring the many different flavors craft beer has to offer. His goal isn’t necessarily that you love every beer you try, but by offering a diverse selection, you’re able to find a beer you love. Sean is supported by his lovely wife Juli and their three children.


Tami Wadlington – Founder/Marketing

Tami was born and raised on a farm in East Texas. She began college at 17 and married Wade two years later. Over the past several years, Tami has worked in banking, helping launch two private banks and managing marketing, human resources, and facilities. Outside of her day job, she spends time with her kids, relieves stress by gardening, and volunteers as a beer slinger at Division. She is also the resident artist. Tami brings her enthusiasm, marketing, and management skills to the table to help grow the business and spread the craft beer doctrine.

Dillon Powers butterfly

Dillon Powers – Cellerman/Beer Slinger/Artist

Born and raised in Oregon, Dillon made the 2000-mile journey to Arlington in 2018 in support of his wife, Jessica, as she pursues her career in animal care and conservation education at the Dallas Zoo. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in photography and is passionate about viewing life through the lens. His interest in craft beer and love for hoppy brews started in the Pacific Northwest. Besides tending the taps, Dillon assists in canning, label design and photography. He also enjoys the long days brewing beer at Division. He never thought he’d end up living in Texas, but he has experienced a warm welcome in Arlington and feels he has found his home at Division Brewing.


Chris Morgan – Cellarman/Brewer/Artist

Chris, a self-proclaimed pioneer, spent his childhood in rural South Texas and in 2002 he moved to Arlington, where he works as an aquatic technician.  Frustrated with the lack of variety in the mainstream beer industry, he turned his sights on craft beer where he developed a passion for variety and quality.  He lives in Arlington with his wife, Jaimi where he spends his free time growing various plants, home brewing, riding motorcycles and finding adventure where he can.


Brian Dingler – Beer Slinger

Brian Dingler’s alternative beer journey began in 1986 with a bottle of Shiner Bock. Since then he has paid a visit to 44+ breweries in the United States and abroad, including Austria, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Mexico. His dream trip includes visiting Belgium to experience as many Trappist breweries as possible. Brian has sampled 2,435 unique brews at last count, and especially loves a great IPA, like Frankenfroth. Brian and his refined taste caught up with Wade months before opening, bringing an appreciable beer tasting experience to Division.


Jon Dodd – Beer Slinger

Jon Dodd is proud to be born and bred in Texas, having been raised in East Texas, after his family moved from the Texas Panhandle. He is a graduate of Texas A&M Commerce, where he honed his drinking skills, before becoming a purveyor of fine craft beer. Jon credits his gateway to craft beer as the saison style, finding particularly noteworthy Division’s Prodigal Saison, Farming the Fjord, and Provident Saison. Not to be boxed in, he also relishes the Ag Town IPA. When he is not analyzing data from 8-5 and serving beer at night, he seeks out interesting architecture, satisfying brews, and a good baseball game. To wit, over the past several years, he’s covered craft beer establishments and ballparks across the U.S., travelling to Fenway in Boston, Wrigley in Chicago, Camden Yards in Baltimore, AT&T Park in San Francisco, National Park in DC, Skydome in Toronto, and of course Globe Life Park in our own backyard. His bags are currently packed for Safeco in Seattle.

mark s brewing

Mark Schatzman – Beer Slinger

An avid craft beer enthusiast, Mark Schatzman introduced himself to Division Brewing before the tap handles were installed. Since then, he moonlights as a server of delicious brews by night, while continuing as an occupational therapist for veterans by day. Mark is a native Texan, born at the same hospital in Oak Cliff as Stevie Ray Vaughn (Mark’s only known claim to fame), but has counted Arlington as ‘home’ since 1976. Mark has been married for 29 years and has two daughters. His family can find him at Division, which he considers his ‘home away from home.’ Mark’s Division beer favorite started with Xmas Morning and has morphed into the barrel sours.


John Purdy – Beer Slinger

John Purdy is a native Arlingtonite. He has a passion for cooking and perfecting new recipes. John’s day job is in the IT world, and he knows how to fix just about everything. John and Wade met in the early days creating craft beer in the neighborhood brewery – a.k.a. Wade’s garage. John lives with his wife, Laurie, and a menagerie of cats and dogs. In fact, he has been known to name his cats after favorite brewers or beers (Fish – after the co-owner of Telluride Brewing in Colorado, and Stella, after Stella Artois).