About Us


506 E. Main Street  Arlington, TX 76010

Division Brewing is Arlington’s first locally owned and operated brewery.  We provide true hand-crafted beer to the citizens and visitors of Arlington.  With a combined experience of over 20 years of home brewing beer and a strong local and neighborhood following, we are extremely excited to share our product with a wider audience.

We seek to elevate the beer drinker’s experience by introducing unique flavor combinations on a regular basis. Our belief is that people want quality, creativity and variety.  Division serves clean, refreshing light ales, such as blondes, wheats, and hoppy India pale ales.  We also brew malty amber beers, as well as dark porters and stouts.  Our “Sour Division” which ferments at warmer temperatures, ages with oak and sometimes fruit to create tart, fruity and mouth puckering sour beers.